Welcome to the Rio Vista Senior Center Website

The Center provides social, educational, recreational, health, nutritional, consumer services and activities to our participants. The Center is a community focal point for Rio Vista and Solano County area seniors, age 50 and over, and has established for itself an outstanding reputation as one of our County’s best Senior Centers. Under the guidance and leadership of our Board of Directors (elected by the membership), working committees provide the hands on assistance needed to support Center programs, activities and fundraising.

The Center is unique in that it is truly governed by the seniors themselves who work hand in hand with the Center staff in the development, management and evaluation of Center programs and activities. The center board and volunteers raise moneyevery year to support the operation of the Center. Additionally the Center is also supported by the efforts of the City of Rio Vista.


Looking towards the next five years our Center would like to accomplish the following:

  • Expand services for Seniors just entering retirement.

  • Expand participation in current programs and classes.

  • Continue to expand our membership roster.