History of the Rio Vista Senior Center


March 4, 1980. Approximately 40 people met at the Rio Vista Fire House to sign incorporation papers for The Rio Vista Citizens for Seniors. A Board of Directors was formed with a lifetime fee of $2.50.

September 18, 1980. The first membership drive was launched.

November 17, 1980. One hundred and one signatures were presented to Mayor Milt Wallace requesting a much-needed meeting place for a senior center.

April 4, 1981. Several sites were considered, including the Youth Center, Masonic Hall, the Tussy Building, and several others. Grace Anderson was elected the first President of the Board, primarily because she had worked diligently to bring the idea of a senior center to fruition.

December 15, 1981. Mayor Wallace reported that he had a site in mind.

December 1981 – January 1, 1982. The City of Rio Vista either purchased or was given the PG&E warehouse at 45 Main Street. Wes and Cindy Stewart leased the warehouse from the Small Business Bureau and opened Napa Auto Parts, occupying two-thirds of the building. The remaining third of the building was sub-leased to the Buoy House, a marine supply store.

January 15, 1982.  The City of Rio Vista planned to remodel the vacant Buoy House into a senior center.

March 14, 1982. A Building Committee was formed with 18 persons. Judy Tussy served as chairperson and Ed Abell as co-chairman.

March 18, 1982. A motion was made and approved that the Rio Vista Citizens for Seniors accept responsibility for the costs involved in the remodel of the structure.

June 15. 1982. An architect was needed and John Aguirre of Stockton was hired. Plans were drawn up and approved.


July 2, 1982. Bids were let out by the building committee; the lowest bid was submitted by St. Germaine Contractors of Martinez at $77,593.23. Assets to that date were $62,000., leaving a deficit of approximately $16,000. The following organizations pledged the amounts shown below:

The City of Rio Vista
The Rio Vista Foundation
Rio Vista Citizens for Seniors
Solano/Napa Agency for Aging
City of Rio Vista – Loan

October 18, 1982. The building was finished. The building committee was thanked for all their efforts. And the Rio Vista Senior Center occupied the site.

December 14, 1982. An Open House was held with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and presentation of a plaque.

1985. Many men belonged to the Senior Center and thought a pool table was needed. The building at the time would not accommodate one. Another building committee comprised of Judy Tussy and Harvey Felt went into action. Architect Gil La Bree was selected to draw up plans for an addition; Roger Cranner was selected as contractor. The addition was completed in 1985. Henry Simonsen donated a pool table.

1982 – 2007 (or 2008/2009). Records show that the Rio Vista Citizens for Seniors collected rents from entities using the building.

2011 – June 2013. Repairs and Remodeling were accomplished through a partnership that included Solano-Napa Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding Together Solano County, the City of Rio Vista and Rio Vista Citizens for Seniors.

Historically and currently, Rio Vista Citizens for Seniors maintains a budget for its operations from fund-raising events (such as the annual Spring Fashion Show and the Bake Sale during the Bass Festival) and from donations from the community.

To those who donate, volunteer, contribute, and participate with us, we say Thank You.