Stepping On Workshop

This Event is Sponsored by NorthBay Healthcare Trauma Center
and coordinated by the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging

Stepping On Workshop

All Classes are on Wednesdays from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Classes are being held at The Rio Vista Senior Center
To Register, call Ashley Barrios at (707) 646-4006.  eMail Her
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A Quick Overview of the Program

Session 1
March 2nd

Introduction, Overview, and Choosing What to Cover

Getting to know each other, overview of program, sharing fall experiences, choosing what to cover. Physical therapist introduces the balance and strength exercises.

Session 2
March 9th

The Exercises and Moving About Safely

Review and practice exercises with the physical therapist, explore the barriers and benefits of exercise, moving about safely — chairs and steps, learning not to panic after a fall.

Session 3
March 16th

Advancing Exercises and Home Hazards

Review and practice exercises, discuss when and how to upgrade your exercises, identify hazards in and about the home and problem-solving solutions.

Session 4
March 23rd

Vision and Falls, Community Safety, and Footwear

Review and practice exercises. The vision expert discusses the influence of vision on the risk of falling, and the community safety expert talks about strategies to get around the local community and reduce the risk of falling.  Learn about the features of a safe shoe and identify clothing hazards.

Session 5
March 30th

Medication Management, Bone Health, and Sleeping Better

Identify the importance of Vitamin D, sunlight, and calcium to protect from fall injury. The pharmacist talks about medications that increase falls risk. Strategies to sleep better are discussed.

Session 6
April 6th

Getting Out and About

Discuss and give participants the opportunity to see and try hip protectors.
Explore different weather conditions that could lead to a fall. Review exercises.
With the physical therapist, practice safe mobility techniques learned during the program in a nearby outdoor location.

Session 7
April 13th

Review and Plan Ahead

Review and practice exercises, review personal accomplishments from the past 7 weeks. Reflect on the scope of things learned. Review anything requested.
Finish any segment not adequately completed. Time for farewells and closure.

Follow-Up Home Visit

Support follow-through of preventive strategies and assist with home modifications.


3 – Month Booster Session: Review achievements and how to keep them going.